On the Road Again

Another day. Another year.

I have reinvented myself so many times, I am getting dizzy. Oh, I am wrong. I fell and hit the back of my head on the sidewalk Easter morning, 2017. That is why I am dizzy.

My concrete business (yet another identity) was really taking off before then.  I worked hard that summer or tried to. However, seniors do not recover from concussions. Ever. They just get another new identity and a new diagnosis. Post-concussion Syndrome.

  • Bunnies. I have become a crazy bunny lady with far too many bunnies in my home.
  • Writing. I did Nanowrimo, a writing challenge, last month. Now finishing the novel I began earlier this year.
  • Facebook user. Group administrator. Two groups – NANO 365 and Central Illinois Writers Group.
  • Blogger. Stay tuned for more about bunnies and writing. I am still trying out this new identity in full, public view. Crazy, huh?

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Don't expect one of those perky, look-how-cute-I-am kind of profiles! What you can expect is real life wisdom and experience from a Baby Boomer who has been there, done that, and is doing it better than before. The French word "faire" means to do. What is it that I do? I tell stories and I tell tales. I ask "What now?" Then do it. I draw from a lifetime filled with virtually all the experiences common to women while bumping elbows with the "others". From this concoction of chaos and community, I share stories of "doing" , what is "partially done" and "what now." I hope that you will share with me what you are doing. So ....what now?

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